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& Copper Country Historical Page

Copper Range Today

Wisconsin Central yard in Nestoria 

This page is a collection of information (Hundreds of links and lots more photos) I have developed myself or have found surfing the Internet. The information is generally related to what is going on in the Keweenaw Today, hence the title. If you have information that you think should reside on this page please let me know and I will add it.

Save Our Shaft: Champion Copper, Divison of the Copper Range Consolidated Company built Champion #4 shaft in 1902. This shaft is still surviving, just barely, with your help we can see it as it once was, again. See my special Homepage for S.O.S and my friends at Painesdale Mine and Shaft, Inc.

We are a non-profit org.

Save our Shaft, 
Painesdale Mine & Shaft, Inc.


Save the Redridge Dam.

A New project just getting started. Lend your support today.

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Be sure to check out this page which has been created by 
Daryl Laitila and don't forget to support this group.

Copper Range Historical Society

While you are there please don't miss the Finnish Heritage Page
This is a project by Jim Kurtti's Finnish class taught at Houghton High School in Houghton. The Finnish family stories are great.

Also visit another great page by Daryl

The Quincy Mine Hoist Association

Industrial Transportation returns 
to the Keweenaw (a nice thought while it lasted)

Railroads and barges

Copper Range Company


Other Copper Range Artifacts:

Copper Range Baggage/Coach #25 See it in North Freedom, Wisconsin! Restoration of Copper Range Coach #60 in progress.

Wisconsin Central

and the DSS&A, SOO, etc..

Fallen Flags (tons of Railroad photos)
Soo Line Historical and Technical Society

DSS&A Depot in Nestoria, Gateway to the Copper Country

Check out a great site, Ted Ellis' Algoma Central Page
Check out his "Old, Rare and Obscure" section for Keweenaw photos.

Dave Pierce's LS&I website

The scalehouse in the DSS&A yard in Nestoria.

The Milwaukee Road
Can't forget the southern terminus of the Copper Range.

The Milwaukee Road Historical Association   

Adventure Copper Mine and Campground 

One of the finest attractions in the Upper Peninsula

12 Miles East of Ontonagon - off M-38, West of M 26 on Adventure Road. P.O. Box 6, 200 Adventure Road, Greenland, Ml 49929 (906 883-3371)

The 100+ year old Houghton Power plant under restoration by Tom Moyle of Moyle Construction.

Other Historic Landmarks in the Keweenaw:

Keweenaw National Historical Park
Temple Jacob

A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum: A very cool place if you like minerals

A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum

Houghton County Historical Museum: A very nice homepage maintained by Daryl Laitila.

Houghton County Historical Museum

Ontonagon County Historical Society: Check out Ontonagon, the River and the Land by B.H Johanson. Chapter One is included on their site. Very Helpful, stop in when you are in town.

Ontonagon County Historical Society

Finnish Culture:
There is something about saying "hauska tavata !" that really gets me going. Now if I could only pronounce it, but there is way too much German in my blood. Anyone willing to teach a German to speak Finnish?

Finland Online
Yamada Web Guide to the Finnish Language
Finland's Music Through American Eyes (and ears)

Other Related Subjects: 
Other things I find of current interest to Copper Country fans.

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Art By Vincent (Nice Copper Country Subjects)

King Bridge Company Historical Site (builders of the swing bridge)
Looking for maps of the Upper Peninsula
Outhouses of America, with some of my U.P. outhouses please note 
A Great site by the EPA on the Great Lakes
Cornwall Online
Scenic and Picturesque Images of the Great Lakes
Copper Mining and Processing Terms
Ancient Miners of the Keweenaw and Isle Royale
Gas Station Colectables
Send a railroad postcard
History of Thurner Bakery
Manufacturing Companies in Houghton and Keweenaw County
Mineral Resource Surveys Program US Geological Survey
Archival Circulars State Archives of Michigan
Michigan Historical Center
Great Lakes Resources, maritime interests and other links  

Native Copper Mass located at: Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Mi. The plaque reads: Glacial Float NATIVE MASS COPPER 1850 lbs. 

This is a photo I received from Author David Krause who teaches at Henry Ford and also wrote the wonderful book "The Making of a Mining District". If you don't have it, get it. This piece of mass copper was found in 1981 near Painesdale. It was about to be sold as scrap by the men who found it when the College purchased it. I asked John Katalin how many flat cars of mass went out of Champion #4 every week. 4 was the answer, so these are not as rare as you may think in the South Range. 

Iron Ore related subjects: (can't leave out the other metal that put the UP on the map)

A Cybertour of the Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR
A Cybertour of the Lake Superior & Ishpeming RR Part II
Iron Mountain Iron Mine

Other pages from people like me who love the UP:

Steven L. Mullen's Home Page
LakeMine, The Band
Robert Goniea's Homepage
Pat Halon's Porcupine Hollow Farm
Bill Carney's Keweenaw & Houghton Co. Page

An all too common sight on the Copper Range. 
Don't polute this wonderful resource so everyone can enjoy it!


A photo I took a few years back, near Seney.