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Lavadiere Motors

Structures of the Keweenaw, Part I

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The Model of Lavadiere Motors, set here in the 1950's

These plans show the structure as it appeared in 1939. Located at 420 Calumet Street in Lake Linden, Mi., it was the home of Lavadiere Motors from 1924 to 1964.

Over the years, this structure has had at least four facelifts--mainly to the false front and the store front--making almost any modification to the plans possible and reasonable.

lave2.gif (24075 bytes)

The building is still standing and is now home to Mars Sales and Building Supply (circa 1994).

All of the windows and doors, except the storefront windows are either stock or modified Grandt Line products.

The decorative details on the false front are also Grandt Line.

The Large Storefront windows allow great viewing for a detailed interior.

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