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You can show your continued support of the shafthouse by wearing T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps with the PM&S logo.


T-shirts are available with the PM&S logo
White with Navy Print or Navy with White Print.
Adult Sizes: Small (32-36), Medium (38-40), Large (42-44), Extra Large (46-48).
Note: XXL available by request.

Sweatshirts are available with the PM&S logo
Navy with White Print.
Adult Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Caps are available with the PM&S logo
Navy with White print.
Adult Sizes: One size fits all.

Also available are note cards and sketches of the shafthouse.
A packet of note cards contains 6 cards with two different scenes of the mine.
Black and white sketches, signed and numbered by the artist, include five different scenes.

Here is a sample of the note cards

To request any of these items, please print out the form below and mail it to:

Painesdale Mine & Shaft, Inc.
P.O. Box 332
Painesdale, Mi. 49955

PM&S gift shop order form

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