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The Copper Range In COLOR
Part III

The Following presentation of images and text are brought to you by Paul C. Hunnell and Kevin Musser, with a lot of help from Larry Wright. These images are from the Paul C. Hunnell Collection and are copyright in the same way as other material located on this site (for personal use only, without consent).

The original color slides were taken by Paul C. Hunnell on the dates shown.
The slides were scanned using a slide scanner.

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The Entire Collection

Week 1 featured color photo

Copper Range Baldwin, #100 and crew at the Houghton depot.
I can't be sure who the crew is but here is a clipping from the Winter 71-72 CR News. The photo was taken on August 12, 1969. More photos from this trip to follow.

(CR News photo)
Copper Range Railroad employees, from left, are: Cy LaBissoniere (35 years), Bill Siltala (40 years), Wilbert Anderson (30 years), Toivo Lohela (25 years) and Harold Eilola (26 years). I bet these guys had a few stories.

Week 2 featured color photo
Copper Range caboose #01.
This photo was taken on 9/19/72 and shows #01 next to the CRRR Ranger shed.

Week 3 featured color photo
This photo shows 101 and caboose #605 arriving at the passing siding just south of M-26 in Lake Linden on 9/19/72.

Week 4 featured color photo
CRRR #101 on 8/14/69
I had ridden the Keweenaw Central tourist train from Calumet, and while they were switching ends at Lake Linden (just north of the M-26 grade crossing), the CRRR !01 shows up. There was a lumber mill to the west, and the 101 had to switch the KC's ex-Milw Whitcomb 44-tonner out of the way. The 44 was used in the switching process to turn the tourist train. (Paul Hunnell)

Week 5 featured color photo
CRRR Caboose #5

Week 6 featured color photo

CRRR engine #101 over the Old Mill Hill Road bridge during September 1972.
Paul captured this view of #101 running backwards towards Mill Mine Junction at the location of the Old Pawabic mill.

Week 7 featured color photo
Ex Green Bay and Western Caboose #605
Shown here in late 1972, the first of a series of photos following Copper Range #101 from Ripley, to Lake Linden, back to Houghton, during the final days of the Copper Range.

Week 8 featured color photo
100 and 101 head a rock train in Houghton

Week 9 featured color photo

COPR #2027 was built by the Pressed Steel Car Company in 1906 and used for concentrate service later in life.

Week 10 featured color photo
100bridge.jpg (43208 bytes)
A fine shot of #100 returning to the yard in Houghton, with the bridge in the background.

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A weekly feature which started on 8/19/98 and will contain 24 photos when complete.
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