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Kevin E. Musser


Building a Copper Range Steel Rock Car

steelrockcar.jpg (55571 bytes)

The finished model without lettering and weathering

meier3004.jpg (22406 bytes)

A photo of the prototype later in life with Copper Range lettering barely visible. Cars had the reporting marks and numbers repainted.

kevin3.jpg (25448 bytes)

A photo with the Copper Range lettering visible

kevin2.jpg (18582 bytes)

The last trip for the Copper Range rock cars (9/6/67)

Standard USRA 50-55 Ton Rock Cars Built by Pressed Steel Car Co and Western Steel Car & Foundry Co

Copper Range numbered 3000-3074


prrcar.jpg (22542 bytes)

Starting with a Bowser PRR H-22a Hopper Car #56000

1st2ndcut.jpg (16450 bytes)

Cut the center two bays away with a razor saw

3rd4thcut.jpg (14137 bytes)

Cut the upper plate away with a razor saw

final.jpg (14888 bytes)

Attach the two halves, cut the underframe support structure to fit.

Paint and letter, add a pair of KADEE arch-bar trucks and #5 couplers and the model is complete.

Many thanks to Bob Oom for thinking of this conversion in the first place, I am just showing you how it is done.

Kevin Musser