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 Kevin E. Musser

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The Future of Champion #4


Our goals continue to be the preservation and safety of the Champion #4 Shaft rockhouse. 

Phase I accomplished the application of corrugated steel sheets to protect the shaft house from further destruction by the winter weather.

Phase II was the continuation of the process of securing the South and East aspects, with window restoration if funding allows. Varing degrees of "beautification" will be addressed. The Captian's office will be made habitable for rest stops, meeting room and display of artifacts, pictures albums and scrapbooks. 

Phase III will be to improve the interior of the shafthouse to enhance viewing of the structure's mining process. Improvements to be addressed are window and door frames. The Mining Captain's office, located across the street from the shafthouse, will also see improvements with new shutters, and display cases. These improvements will allow for viewing of mining artifacts. The original mahogany-front lockers are located in the office building.

The Captain's Office will also house the names, dates and information of those who lost their lives in their employment. Please help us by submitting names of any friends or relatives who perished. Recognition charts of donors and life members will be constructed.

General clean-up of the area to include:
- A mini-park sit down facility and an ideal picture taking spot
- Exposure of the adjcent related buildings


Identification of Related Artifacts

There have been twenty buildings and locations identified. It is anticipated that beginning with the major buildings, they will be
identified by sizable, legible plaques. One possible approach to this aspect would be to have each one provided for by specific

Continued emphasis on the solitation of artifacts and especially recordings of past happenings, particularly by the few remaining
persons actively involved in the mining process.

Tours will be encouraged and school students invited to explore the facilities. Directional road signs to be erected. Public visibility
enhanced by the touring of the "mock-up" shafthouse at various public functions. A large scale thermometer constructed to indicate
progress of donations. Acquisition of the Hoist building from Adams Township in the near future. The ultimate recognition: A
memorial plaque honor roll listing all those who made the supreme sacrifice.

If you have questions please e-mail us at:


Community Action

Hopefully the former baseball field will be re-established as a center for activities for the youth in the area, particularly in the long
summer vacation days. Possibly called Miner's Park?

Our aim is to become a vital part of the entire historical aspect of the Copper Country.

We need your input!

The Board of Painesdale Mine & Shaft would like to hear from you!! If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see
imlemented in this huge, hsitoric undertaking, please let us know! We are not only seeking funds, but need more people to become
actively involved. You don't need to give a lot of time or have a lot of talent, just your support!!

If you are creative, we need you!
If you have good writing skills, we need you!!
If you are good with a shovel or rake, we need you!!
If you can cut grass, we need you!!
If you have an idea, we need you!!
If you care about local history, we need you!!
If you can fold paper, stick labels, sort letters or if you are just curious about the Save our Shafthouse project, let us know!!

This project has been a lot of work, but most wil agree it's also been gratifying and fun!!

Come join us!!

You can write us via s-mail at:

PM&S, Inc.
P.O. Box 332
Painesdale, Mi. 49955

or write to us via e-mail at: