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Copper Country Centennial Limited

Mid-Continent Railway Museum

September 20, 2003

This day was a special day of any Copper Range fan, marking the completion of the restoration of Copper Range coach #60. This year also marks the 100th birthday of #60. I have published various links and articles related to #60 in the past and they are referenced below. In addition, I have a link to Mid-continent's own photos of the Open House / Copper Country Centennial Limited Run / Dinner / and the late night return run to North Freedom depot. It was a great time and I was very appreciative of everyone at Mid-Continent for the invitation, great hospitality, and a ride of a lifetime for this Copper County nut who missed it all the first time around. Thanks Bill and everyone at MCRM. Thank you most of all for all the time, money, and effort it took to bring back this wonderful piece of history for everyone to share, hopefully, for another 100 years.

Kevin E. Musser

Mid-Continent Railway Museum Open House Photos (Might even see me in 4 of them)
Mid-Continent Railway Museum Copper Range #60 Restoration Main Page
Mid-Continent Railway Museum Copper Range #60 History Page
CopperRange.org Copper Range #60 history and restoration
CopperRange.org and The Hotbox republication of MCRM's article on #60 (with a rare view of the school train in action)


My Photos of the
Copper Range #60
Open House

nfcs.jpg (54894 bytes)
North Freedom, Wisconsin

60j.jpg (59150 bytes)
Erie Lackawana coaches return from a trip on the line to the North Freedom depot

60a.jpg (89497 bytes)
#60 Open House
Parked along side of a display of Copper Range history and photos.

60b.jpg (38023 bytes)

60c.jpg (34432 bytes)
           End view of Copper Range #60                                 Interior view of #60
                                                                                  (only $1000 per seat to re-upholster,
                                                                                                        31 of them)

60d.jpg (29043 bytes)60m.jpg (24170 bytes)
         Copper Range ticket holder and ticket                       Copper Range luggage rack
       (note curtain detail, pattern silkscreened
                    to match the original)

60e.jpg (24403 bytes)
Detail of Copper Range luggage rack

60f.jpg (45357 bytes)
Copper Range lamp (both during the day and at night)
60dk.jpg (39614 bytes)
Just enough light to see the restroom doors

60g.jpg (49818 bytes)
A side trip to see Copper Range #25, ex CR #59, sister to #60

60h.jpg (40476 bytes)
Interior of #25

60i.jpg (53851 bytes)
MCRY #7 couples to #60

60k.jpg (34616 bytes)
Crew getting final instructions before departing

60l.jpg (65888 bytes)
Copper Range #60 restoration crew and guests board #60

Out on the tracks (1/2 a mile of which is rail from the Copper Range) in the sun. Click on the photos to view a larger image.

60small1.jpg (19567 bytes)
60small.jpg (15809 bytes)
60small2.jpg (17393 bytes)

60view.jpg (70146 bytes)
Photo of the photographers

60dinner.jpg (90913 bytes)
Stopping in town at North Freedom for dinner at the Fire Hall

60night.jpg (47580 bytes)
Loading up for our return to the depot, just like in 1946.

kemon60.jpg (46810 bytes)
A happy Copper Range nut pretending he is back in 1946