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The Keweenaw Photo Shop

Photo Album I & Index

(30 and counting, add yours?)

This page is devoted to those of you who wish to share your photos of the Copper Country with those who visit this site. If you have a photo or two or three that you would like to share please send electronic copies to me and I will be happy to display them here. If you don't have access to a scanner and would still like to have your photos displayed here just send me a note and we will work it out. It's a good way to get your photos scanned for free and have fun sharing your work with others in the process. Hope to hear from you soon. (Kevin Musser)

Photoshop Contributors
The Photos of Dave Beckstein
A Photo from Tom Staley
The Photos of Bill Schwab
The Photos of Stuart D. Mathias
The Photos of Ed Oom, A Cybertour of the LS&I
The Photos of Ed Oom, A Cybertour of the LS&I, Part II
The Photos of David Krause
The Photos of Don Maddock
The Photos of William Buhrmaster (restoration of CR #60)
The Photos of William Buhrmaster (restoration of CR #29)
The Q&TL photos of Don Ross
The Photos of Dick Bates
The Photos of Gordy Schmitt
The Photos of Tom Roberts
The Photos of Ted Ellis
The Photos of Bob Petit

The Photos of  Brian Juntikka
The Photos of Jerry Maloney
The Photos of Mark Suokas
The Photos of Paul Meier
The Photos of Neil Fleming
The Postcard collection of Robert Bice
The Photos of Clayton Sharrard
The Shaltz family on vacation (Kevin Musser Collection)
The Photo collection of Nancy Sanderson
Vacationing in the Keweenaw 1924 (Kevin Musser Collection)
The Photos of James Teague Gourd
The Photos of Bruce Groeneveld
The Photos of Mark W. Andersen
The Photos of Steve Lehto
The Photos of Greg Bunce
The Photos of Perry Brumm
The Photos of Tom Johnson
The Photos of Vince Fontana


While Dave was stationed at the Calumet Airbase he made friends with a guy who had bought a Kalamazoo Railcar. "We traveled much of the right of ways in Houghton and Keweenaw counties. We were the last to travel the mainline from Calumet to Hancock via the Quincy area. This track was ripped up by mistake in 1987. We have traveled from Houghton to L'Anse, a great run." Dave's travels now take him much further as after his duty at the Airbase he was transfered to Panama when Calumet closed. This is where I first met Dave via email. He has been relocated again, this time to Germany and sent these from there. Dave is also a model railroader but prefers G scale. The photos of Dave Beckstein

Freda shoreline and the Champion stamp mill stack
taken in 1987.

The 4 cylinder railcar in Freda taken in 1988.

Keweenaw Central (ex-Copper Range) #29 at Quincy taken in 1988.

Another view of #29 also taken in 1988.

The snow ruler north of Mohawk taken in 1991.

The portage lake liftbridge taken in 1993.

Tom relates: "Seeing this week's photo of the Copper Range Roundhouse, I remembered a photo I took in 1978. I was more of a shutter bug want-to-be than a rail fan back then. I was walking around the Shop area and stuck the camera up against the window and took this picture. Now I wish I had taken more."

Tom currently lives in North Carolina and is modeling the DSS&A from Houghton to Calumet between 1906 and 1930.

A Photo from Tom Staley

Bill is a professional photographer who is working on several Michigan projects. He is currently working on the Keweenaw in all four seasons. A sample of his winter shots are presented here. For more on Bill's work please visit his homepage. The Photos of Bill Schwab

Quincy Mine

Ripley, Mi.


Stuart lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin but his roots are all Copper Country. His mother's family is from Tammarak Mills, his grandfather was born at the Cliff Location. He first came to the UP in the womb. Saying "Don't have any photographs from then, wrong angle for shots". Stuart was on hand to witness the demise of the Copper Range PS-1's in August and shares these photos with us. The Photos of Stuart D. Mathias

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COPR #4014 and #4021 look on as their brother COPR #4018 is the first to meet the torch.

A Last look at COPR #4014

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A view of #4, she won't be seeing the torch anytime soon.

Please follow the link here to see the rest of the photoshop