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The Keweenaw Photo Shop

Photo Album X

This page is devoted to those of you who wish to share your photos of the Copper Country with those who visit this site. If you have a photo or two or three that you would like to share please send electronic copies to me and I will be happy to display them here. If you don't have access to a scanner and would still like to have your photos displayed here just send me a note and we will work it out. It's a good way to get your photos scanned for free and have fun sharing your work with others in the process. Hope to hear from you soon. (Kevin Musser)

Photoshop Contributors

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Paul has been a large contributor to this site, with his many personal photos and a collection of vintage shots as well. He has also published many fine articles on modeling this area, as many of you know who are fellow railroad buffs. His classic series in Railroad Model Craftsmen was the spark, for many people I have met, that got them interested in modelling this area.  Many thanks to Paul for his support of Copper Country history, and especially for his help at the Copper Country Depot answering questions.

More of Paul's collection can be found all over this site via my images page or Paul's collection of Calumet area photos are available on Chuck Voelker's site.

These photos were taken in 1964-65 by Paul unless otherwise noted.

The Photos of Paul Meier

meieryard.jpg (75885 bytes)

Looking west in Houghton Yard.

meier3004.jpg (77060 bytes)

Copper Range hopper #3004 in Houghton.

meier5.jpg (87267 bytes)

Copper Range caboose #05 in Houghton.

meier605.jpg (75059 bytes)

Copper Range (ex-Green Bay & Western) #605 caboose in Houghton. With GB&W marks visible under the paint. Looks like an interesting modelling project, has anyone tried it?

meierhouse.jpg (79582 bytes)

The roundhouse in Houghton, notice the engine headlamp on the top.

meiertable.jpg (81890 bytes)

The Houghton turntable.

meiercrane.jpg (37221 bytes)

Copper Range crane in the Houghton Yard.

kearsargest.jpg (39256 bytes)

This photo is from the Paul Meier collection and was taken between 1915 and 1917 on Kearsarge St. in Painesdale. The car in the left of the picture contains Paul's Great-grandfather Anton F. Haun and two of his sons. Fredrick Haun, Paul's grandfather took this photo. You can also see the Finnish Temperance Hall, followed by the Opera house and in the distance the Sarah Sargeant Paine Memorial Library, all now just a memory.

painmay70.jpg (38729 bytes)

painstabw.jpg (38689 bytes)
2 photos from Paul's collection of the Painesdale Depot. The color shot was taken by Paul in May of 1970, his only photo of the Copper Range in operation. The black and white photo shows the sad state of disrepair of the depot shortly before it was removed.

meierchampc.jpg (43531 bytes)
A Nice view of Champion #3


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