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The Keweenaw Photo Shop

Photo Album VI

This page is devoted to those of you who wish to share your photos of the Copper Country with those who visit this site. If you have a photo or two or three that you would like to share please send electronic copies to me and I will be happy to display them here. If you don't have access to a scanner and would still like to have your photos displayed here just send me a note and we will work it out. It's a good way to get your photos scanned for free and have fun sharing your work with others in the process. Hope to hear from you soon. (Kevin Musser)

Photoshop Contributors

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Tom graduated from high school in Battle Creek but attends every Hancock High reunion. Well all his family is from there and it is a great excuse to go to the Keweenaw. Tom helped me out with a question at the Depot a while back and this time he shares some Copper Range and Q&TL shots with us. Thanks Tom, especially the shot of CRRR #7. (KEMusser) The Photos of Tom Roberts

If A very short frieght headed south to Mill Mine Junction along the Portage canal, taken from Hancock in August 1972.

Copper Range 4-wheel "bobber" #7, minus the wheels and frame, sitting in Chassell in June 1975.

Who can resist a shot of #29. This one taken in August of 1980 shortly after the shed fell down.

Two shots from Quincy (top, 8/76; bottom, 8/75)

And a final shot of the side-dumps in 1988.

A few slides of ex-CRRR #100 on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. (1/22/77 above, 9/5/76 below)

Your photos here !

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