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The Keweenaw Photo Shop

Photo Album VX

This page is devoted to those of you who wish to share your photos of the Copper Country with those who visit this site. If you have a photo or two or three that you would like to share please send electronic copies to me and I will be happy to display them here. If you don't have access to a scanner and would still like to have your photos displayed here just send me a note and we will work it out. It's a good way to get your photos scanned for free and have fun sharing your work with others in the process. Hope to hear from you soon. (Kevin Musser)

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The Kevin Musser Collection of photos from the Shaltz family taken in the U.P. in 1946 and 1947.

As it is vacation time across the U.P. it only seems fitting to feature a family on vacation in the Keweenaw, but during a much slower paced time. It is interesting to notice in this collection 14 photos that although a lot has changed in this world since 1947 little has changed in the Keweenaw, ah, how nice.

The Shaltz family photo album contains over 100 photos and I am featuring 14 here via a Pasty Central Photo Album and my Keweenaw Photoshop. I just acquired this collection and haven't started to find out who this family might be but they appear to be displaced yoopers who lived down state and still had family in Dollar Bay. If you have any clues let me know.

1946 and 1947 was a time of transition on the Copper Range, The largest of the Copper Range steam engines #100 and #101, 2-8-0 C-3S Americans, were scrapped in early 1947 and replaced by 2 Balwin DS-4-4-1000's and numbered #100 and #101 signaling the end of steam on the Range. Along with #23, #30 and #58, who were also scrapped in 1946/47, only 3 steam engines (#25, #27, #29) survived  into the early 1950's when in 1953 steam became a thing of the past on the Copper Range. The Shaltz's took some nice photos of the Copper Range logging at Donken and the depots in Houghton, but steam avoided their camera as it was already disappearing.

Shaltz family vacation information:

Still working on it, just another project. If you know then please let me know.


The Photos of the Shaltz family vacation in U.P. 1946 / 1947 (Kevin Musser Collection)

kemcampkeweenaw.jpg (59793 bytes)

Camp Keweenaw 1946 / 1947 with the Shaltz family
(exact location unknown)

kemcliffsdr1947.jpg (54444 bytes)
Cliffs Drive on the way to Copper Harbor 1947

kemmtbrock1947a.jpg (36042 bytes)
Brockway Mountain Drive 1947

kemmtbrock1947b.jpg (51560 bytes)
View from Brockway Mt. Drive 1947

kemmtbrock1947c.jpg (31718 bytes)
At the top of Brockway Mt. Drive 1947

kemdonken1946.jpg (34718 bytes)
Hauling logs on the Copper Range near Donken 1946

kemlogsdonken.jpg (41024 bytes)
Logging on the Copper Range, Donken 1946

kemcrrrhoughton.jpg (40790 bytes)
An unknown Shaltz, looking dapper, standing on the Copper Range depot platform in Houghton

kemdssadepothoughton.jpg (39448 bytes)
Mineral Range/DSS&A/Soo depot in Houghton

kemtwinlakes1946.jpg (73389 bytes)
Lewis Shaltz on mine tailings near Twin Lakes 1946

kemquincymt.jpg (34873 bytes)
Quincy Hill taken from Houghton Depot

kemmarquetteharbor1947.jpg (36631 bytes)
"Sea Gulls and wood dock" Marquette Harbor 1947

kemmunisingfalls1947.jpg (57335 bytes)
Munising Falls, 1947

kempicturedrock1946.jpg (68187 bytes)
Pictured Rock, Munising 1946







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