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The Keweenaw Photo Shop

Photo Album II

This page is devoted to those of you who wish to share your photos of the Copper Country with those who visit this site. If you have a photo or two or three that you would like to share please send electronic copies to me and I will be happy to display them here. If you don't have access to a scanner and would still like to have your photos displayed here just send me a note and we will work it out. It's a good way to get your photos scanned for free and have fun sharing your work with others in the process. Hope to hear from you soon. (Kevin Musser)

Photoshop Contributors

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David is the Author of The Making of a Mining District which is a wonderful work on the early development period. He has also just started building a model of the Quincy & Torch Lake in the late 1800's in HOn3, in which, he is getting a eye opening experience understanding selective compression. Here are some great color slides taken by David in the Winter of 1959. The Photos of David Krause

Ahmeek Mine

On the road to Ahmeek
(Same view from a postcard in the summer, taken in 1955)

Gratiot Mine

Don states: "When I was in Houghton in January, the WC was working in L'Anse and Baraga. A GP30 and spreader plowed the line on the 14th and a second train brought about a dozen boxcars to the paper plant the next day.

This photo was taken as the daily E&LS train prepared to leave Ontonagon for Channing on a late March, 1999, afternoon.

The Photos from Don Maddock

3 September, 1997, at 2:00PM at the M64 road crossing in Ontonagon

August 25, 1999, at 9:00AM in a very foggy Ontonagon. The old ore cars are loaded with ballast for track mantenance in the Rockland area.

Bill is currently working with a team at the Midcontinent Railway Muesum to restore Copper Range coach #60. Many thanks to Bill for sending me photos of the progress. You can find a complete data sheet and history of #60 and also more photos by visiting my #60 page. The photos of William Buhrmaster

Copper Range coach #60 with trucks removed.

A close-up of the journal box.

American Car & Foundry 1903 passenger truck from #60.

Restoration work at North Freedom.

Your photos here !

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