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The Copper Country
Yesterday and Today
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This is my collection of present day photos that were taken from the exact location as the vintage photo. I hope you enjoy them and don't get too sad when you realize how much has changed even in the last 25 years.

Copper Range Roundhouse and Shops
in Houghton over three generations

TOP: Michigan Tech Archives photo circa 1905
CENTER: Bill Lohela photo from 1974
BOTTOM: Kevin Musser photo from 1998
(I wonder if the occupants of those homes hear the ghosts of the Copper Range at night?)

Copper Range Yard in Houghton

Facing East

TOP: Charles Sincock photo, 1968
BOTTOM: Kevin Musser photo, 1998
(Cars replace trains like everywhere else)

Facing West

TOP: Charles Sincock photo, 1963
BOTTOM: Kevin Musser photo, 1998
(Not much call for coal in the 90's)

Another view of the CRRR Yard

TOP: Charles Sincock photo, 1965
BOTTOM: Kevin Musser photo, 1998
(I like the box cars and plow better than my Jeep)

Quincy Hill from Houghton

TOP: Vintage Postcard, 1910's
BOTTOM: Kevin Musser photo, 1998
(Exit Foundy, enter Marina, and #2 is still there)

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