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Copper Range Diesel Roster & Photos

copr100.jpg (45313 bytes)


COPR #100 in the Houghton yard in May 1968 (Photo by Tim Lab)

The Copper Range specificed that its units be painted in a scheme identical to that illustrated in the Baldwin's catalog. At least three other railroads used this paint scheme; The Seaboard Air Line, The Macon, Dublin & Savannah, and the Lehigh Valley, although color combinations were varied.

100nh.jpg (18256 bytes)

(ex-CRRR #100 on the New Hope and Ivyland RR in 1977)

100houghtondepot.jpg (34374 bytes)

Same view of #100 taken on the Copper Range in 1969.


History of #100 and #101 after leaving the Copper Range

They were sold to the New Hope & Ivyland in 1974. George Barry was a volunteer on the NH&I and relates "The baldwins were always great, although I do not remember them ever being mu'ed, of course there was never much of a need on that line for that. Biggest problem I had was trying to stay awake at the end of a long day listening to the chant of the engine! As far as the disposition goes- I think this is correct- Last picture I saw of 100 she was sitting in a siding kinda stripped in Langhorne, PA, near the McHugh Bros place. This was a few years ago. 101 I understand was sold to a shortline over in Jersey somewhere that has a few other baldwin switchers. I do recall that 101 with a small freight was slammed into in the mid 70's by a cut of cars that got away from the Reading at Ivyland. The batteries had to be replaced and the wheels retrued, several crew were busted up."

copr100a.gif (24896 bytes)
#100 on the Houghton Turntable

Additional information from R. Bates

This is in regard to the Baldwin switchers after they left the COPR. #100 was last seen in a push/pull shuttle from New Hope to the RDG. commuter line to Philly during the 1976 bicentennial. It was hauling an ex-Reading coach with the pantograph still on, but down! the 100 was still in its COPR paint scheme! #101 was repainted in fall,1974 in a gree,red and yellow lettering. It went through a modified green paintover a few years ago, with a SMS logo. the M being for McHugh owner of the New Hope line. Renumbered 1293, it is currently serving an industrial and warehouse district, just outside Camden, N.J., with a couple other old Bsldwins ofvarious vintage. #200, the S-12, served for many years as the plant switcher at the White Pine Mine, the last bastion of theCopperRange mining empire. It was retired about1995-6. The leased SW-1.200 was last reported and seen on a siding at Mellen, Wis., in a simplified maroon and gray paint scheme , took many photos! This was accompanied by an ex-LS&IRR RS-2/3 used on the short-lived Wisconsin and Michigan RR, that ran on the former SOO LINE branch from mellen to Ironwood/Bessemer, Mich.

copr200.jpg (37046 bytes)
Rudy Maki photo of Copper Range SW-1 #200


The Diesel Roster of the Copper Range Railroad

Number Type Manufacturer Date

















Thanks to John Campbell for the build dates and order numbers

101008.jpg (40113 bytes)
Ex Copper Range #101 still getting to see some snow on the SMS-Penn Jersey Rail Lines today.
See more photos of 101 here at their website.